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A summit meeting between three exceptional musicians: a Malagasyaccordionist, a South African guitarist and a French drummer. Their music is at the same time primitive and erudite, rugged and sophisticated. Tinted with jazz, blues and soul, it draws from the many musical sources to be found in Southern Africa and in the Indian Ocean region.

Originating from Tuléar, in the south of Madagascar, Régis Gizavo is a self-taught accordionist who grew up immersed in the traditions of his native land and at the same time influenced by the music he heard on the radio (rock/pop, chanson française and afro pop). He started to play in local bands, then in the late 80s he was a member of Jihé (which also featured guitarist D'Gary) and he founded several groups in his name.

In 1990, Gizavo was awarded a Découvertes RFI prize. He settled in France, soon becoming the accordionist of the Corsican band I Muvrini. He also accompanied a number of musicians on tour and i